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Western Province, Rwanda
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Our main products

We help tourists to enjoy agri-tourism (tea tours); tours around historical and cultural sites, as well as cultural traditions, handcraft, architecture, science or traditional technology of our ancestors, food, art and music, religious tourism, aqua-tourism/Kivu tourism, bird watching, nature walks and adventure, etc. We help tourists to enjoy community experiences by interacting with the local community and benefiting from each other as our motto is “sharing culture, coming together”.

  • Tea Time(Tea mini museum, hiking and biking as well tea picking with local communities, tea processing and tasting) 
  • Kumbya Adventure: Bird watching and nature walk, Kayaking, Canoeing, Picnic, Camping
  • Kinyaga community and cultural experience
  • Kumbya Islands Tour
  • Nyamasheke-Kigaga Richard Kandt House 
  • IVOMO Biking Tours 
  • MICE tourism

Tour and travel tips.

We encourage our visitors to carry cold weather friendly outfits as Kinyaga area is mostly rainy because it is located in the neighborhood of a rainforest which is Nyungwe National Park. Especially for Tea Time.

Days and hours of factory tea processing. 

If you consider enjoying a professional and memorable experience offered by IVOMO, please here are the days and hours we operate: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday and Saturday. 

Note: Products and services may be booked in the office opening hours. 

Mon-Fri: 9am to 5pm 

Saturday: 8am to 3pm

Rusizi Tourism Products. 

In partnership with Umugano Botanical Garden we have developed the following touristic community tours; 

  1. Kamembe City Tour, Day or Night 
  2. Nkombo Community and Cultural Experience 
  3. Rusizi Kivu Boatride and Fishing Experience  
  4. Bugarama Rice Farm and Hot springs Tours 
  5. Shagasha Tea Tourism 

We are at your service at Kivu Marina Bay Hotel, for bookings and more information. 

Our Services

Consultancy works (community and cultural based tourism, gender and community development, conservation, marketing and promotion), Coaching and mentoring, Internship, Community awareness and conservation programs. 


Ivomo in partnership with Nyungwe Race has the power behind successful tourism activities such as Nyungwe Marathon and Community Expo, initiation of the Kivu Belt Festival, and the development of Kinyaga Heritage and so many more tourism, MICE and conservation related initiatives.