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Western Province, Rwanda
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The key objectives of these tours-experiences by IVOMO are to preserve and promote Kinyaga heritage, empower local communities with a focus on women, youth, and persons living with disabilities by creating jobs and promote local businesses through tourism as a source of income.

  • Tea Time: This offers a tour to IVOMO tea mini museum, hiking, biking, tea picking with local communities, traditional tea making, modern tea processing, and tasting. 
  • Kumbya Adventure: This tour combines bird watching, nature walks,  camping site, and picnic with an amazing refreshing breathe from Lake Kivu.
  • Kinyaga Community and Cultural Experience: This offers an experience of the unique culture and community’s daily lifestyle.
  • Kumbya Islands Tour: This offers boat riding, local canoeing, kayaking, and fishing with a female-based local cooperative.
  • Nyamasheke-Kigaga Richard Kandt House:  Learning history and experiencing the beauty of Nyamasheke through adventure.
  • IVOMO Biking Tour: Exploring Kinyaga through Sports and Adventure.

Tour and travel tips

We encourage our visitors to carry cold weather-friendly outfits as the Kinyaga area is mostly rainy because it is located in the neighborhood of a rainforest which is Nyungwe National Park. Especially for the Tea Time experience. 

Days and hours of factory tea processing. 

If you consider enjoying a professional and memorable experience offered by IVOMO, please here are the days and hours we operate: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday, and Saturday. 

Although, due to the reconstructions that are going on in the tea factory, it is closed to tour purposes but will be back soon. 

Note: Products and services may be booked at the office or online during opening hours 

Mon-Fri: 9 am to 5 pm 

Saturday: 8 am to 3 pm

Rusizi Tourism Products. 

In partnership with a local based organization we have developed the following touristic community tours; 

  1. Kamembe City Tour (Day or Night)
  2. Nkombo Community and Cultural Experience 
  3. Rusizi Kivu Boatride and Fishing Experience  
  4. Bugarama Rice Farm and Hot Springs Tours 
  5. Shagasha Tea Tourism 

We are at your service at Kivu Marina Bay Hotel, for bookings and more information. 


Mentorship & Internship 





Nyungwe Marathon & Community Expo: Promoting Nyungwe DMA through celebrating running, cycling, community and nature. 

Gisakura Summer Tea Tasting:  Celebrate agro-tourism through tea tasting, community interactions, and increasing local consumption of Rwanda tea.