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Western Province, Rwanda
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About Us

About Us


Ivomo is a Rwandan word that means “source of water” or “place to fetch”.   

We do believe that through community interaction and culture sharing, we fetch from each other and from each other’s culture. We do all with and for the people, the reason for us to BE

Our palette: Clean, natural/genuine, and simple organic colors make up Ivomo’s palette. This reflects how Open, honest, and humble we are.

IVOMO is a social enterprise created with the sole purpose of promoting cultural and community based tourism in such a way that elevates conservation of heritage, nature while involving and supporting locals in the south-west of Rwanda around two main tourism pulling factors: Nyungwe National Forest and Lake Kivu.


To build sustainably responsible tourism in Rwanda


To offer a professional cultural and community-based tourism experience and involve communities for the sustainability in tourism and conservation

Core values
  • Integrity and Ethics
  • Humility and Respect
  • Admiration for people and cultures 
  • Customer care and service delivery
  • Tangible and lasting results
  • Innovation and continuous growth
  • Society of conservancy
  • Accountability  and Transparency
Dedicated team and leadership

IVOMO, we are a household of passionate and dedicated team of leaders who put community first. Conservation of heritage and nature is our priority.

Our partners align on organization strategy and policy, vision, mission and values.