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The key objectives of these tour-experiences by IVOMO are to preserve and promote Kinyaga heritage, empower local communities with a focus on women, youth, and persons living with disabilities by creating jobs and promote local businesses through tourism as a source of income.


  • Tea Time: This offers a tour to IVOMO tea mini museum, hiking, biking, tea picking with local communities, traditional tea making, modern tea processing, and tasting.
  • Kumbya Adventure: This tour combines bird watching; nature walks, camping site, and picnic with an amazing refreshing breathe from Lake Kivu.
  • Kinyaga Community and Cultural Experience: This offers an experience of the unique culture and community’s daily lifestyle.
  • Kumbya Islands Tour: This offers boat riding, local canoeing, kayaking, and fishing with a female-based local cooperative.
  • Nyamasheke-Kigaga Richard Kandt House:  Learning history and experiencing the beauty of Nyamasheke through adventure.
  • IVOMO Biking Tour: Exploring Kinyaga through Sports and Adventure.

Tour and travel tips

We encourage our visitors to carry cold weather-friendly outfits as the Kinyaga area is mostly rainy because it is located in the neighborhood of a rainforest which is Nyungwe National Park. Especially for the Tea Time experience.

Days and hours of factory tea processing

If you consider enjoying a professional and memorable experience offered by IVOMO, please here are the days and hours we operate: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday, and Saturday. 

Although, due to the reconstructions that are going on in the tea factory, it is closed to tour purposes but will be back soon. 

Note: Products and services may be booked at the office or online during opening hours

Mon-Fri: 9 am to 5 pm

Saturday: 8 am to 3 pm


  • Kamembe City Tour (Day or Night): Experiencing Kamembe community lifestyle; culture, history& nature.
  • Rusizi Kivu Boat Ride and Fishing Experience: Improving community livelihoods through adventure tourism
  • Nkombo Community & Culture Experience: Preserving and Promoting the uniqueness of Nkombo community
  • Shagasha Tea Tourism: Preserving and promoting tea heritage, as well as improving community livelihoods through agro-tourism value-chain


Tea From Crop to Cup: By this your will tour the tea mini museum at IVOMO in Gisakura, visit and experience tea nurseries and new tea plantations to experience how tea grows, do plantations tour, and interact with tea pickers and other locals working in tea plantations (ploughing, weeding, pruning, how to use fertilizers, etc.) This extends to tea processing and tasting. This experience can be done within 3 hours, half a day and a full day.

Tea Tourism Experience from Community Owned Tea Plantations: Tea tours and tea picking with community interaction, local tea tasting and lunch with local (either in their fields or at their homes nearby). By this you enjoy tea tourism while experiencing local community lifestyle. You may choose to stay with local communities (accommodation-homestays)-be their guest and interact more with them.

From Crop to Plate/local food experience: This provides local food experience (going to the farm or local market with locals and get organic raw food, prepare that food until you eat it. Go to Lake Kivu, fish, or buy fish from a local market (or other food to go with cassava bread such as meat and vegetables), come home pound cassava, and make cassava bread and sauce to eat that special food: fufu and fish, a dish associated with local community there).

Umunyozi Biking Tour/using a local bike: Use a local bike commonly used a Taxi Velo. This offers an opportunity to explore and enjoy the beauty of Gisakura Tea Biking Trails and other routes, biking with locals doing Taxi Velos.

Ntendezi Local Market ExperienceYou can have a tour at the Ntendezi local market (Wednesday and Saturday every week-to reflect real authentic community lifestyle with regards to the market-known as mu Rukuta- another name of money-a type of money less than 1 franc-ikuta) and learn about the start of Arabic business center and a linkage between money and Kinyaga people. You can combine this with visiting the Alvera Village-a center caring for children and teenagers living with disabilities and experience the amazing work they do in shoes making, sewing, basketing making and other types of handcrafts, and have fun with them through sports and different games, as well as other types of entertainment.

Sewing Experience: At time to experience and empower a group of women named “WOMEN IN TEA AND BEYOND” interact with local tailors, learn about sewing tools, materials and fabrics with focus on Kitenge associated with local community and bordering community in Bukavu/DRC, You learn about different techniques, methods and practices until you make your own product as souvenir of your lovely time spent with local tailors.

Gaseke Murambi- Tea Trail: The best for cycling and hiking while enjoying community interactions, nature and rich history of tea introduction in Rwanda tea and legends.

Coffee Tourism Experience: Getting to know the rich history of coffee in this area, visiting coffee farms and interacting with local coffee farmers.