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Community outreach

This is a business for benefit. We put the community at the center of our activities. IVOMO is involved in community support and is inviting everyone who is willing to support the community initiatives, through a program known as “community outreach”.

Apart from coaching and mentoring the community involved in the community development projects or initiatives, especially those in community based tourism, we also provide financial support to poor families to pay “MUTUELLE”. We plan to get involved in supporting poor students by paying their school fees.

We provide internships to students who study tourism, community development, and gender studies. We provide capacity building and effective management skills  to community cooperatives. We teach them about environment protection and heritage conservation, as well as playing a vital role in sustainable development, based on best practices from Rwandan tradition and culture. We help community involved in handcraft to find markets for their products; briefly, we do support community initiatives.

We reinforce debates within communities and use tools such as arts and sport competitions within schools. By focusing on young generations, we outreach to the communities and let them know that a sustainable development fetch from people’s culture and tradition.

We plan to give awards to individuals and organizations that show special interest in preserving, protecting and promoting the heritage in one way or another. We will carry on encouraging this sector to be inclusive, this means to be gender equality sensitive and give much focus on youth and women.


Women In Tea and Beyond: All about Women’s Economic Empowerment through tea tourism. This also embraces environmentally friendly handcrafts: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Kids’ program: Nurturing reading, detecting talent, and helping kids to learn through play.

Education Conservation Programs: (Youth program and Sport for Conservation): Community conservation for sustainable development.