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Imanzi Hill Of Hope

Imanzi Hill of Hope: aims at landscaping the hill of Sarabuye in Nyamasheke District. This land was affected by the genocide against Tutsi in 1994. 


Restoration of this land: by planting indigenous trees and fruit trees, develop tree nurseries to distribute to local communities to join effort in dealing with Climate Change under our program “Plant a tree of hope”. 

Preservation of heritage: by preserving genocide physical evidence and proofs (tangible and intangible)

Education: by educating people from different backgrounds, now and future generations.

Attractions and Experience

  • Hiking trails
  • Experience birds watching and other wildlife
  • Community interaction
  • Plant a tree of hope

To Be Developed 

  • Tree nursery for indigenous and fruit plant species to distribute to local communities
  • Memorial garden
  • Basic facilities (toilet, bathroom, water tap, barbecue, multipurpose hall, basic playground: simple volleyball and table tennis).
  • Install informative and directives signposts
  • Restore and preserve river streams
  • Develop written and digital content
  • Train storytellers
  • Develop a mini-museum
  • Develop organic farming

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