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Western Province, Rwanda
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Ntendezi-Gaseke-Gisakura Tea Tour

This itinerary gives you a happy experience of tea tour and tea tasting; meeting and interacting with the community (some tea growers and harvesters; people who worked with colonialists who planted the tea as we see it now; you will enjoy tea processing system within the tea factory, as well as a local way of making tea without waiting for the one form the factory). You will also see the first tea factory planted in a place called Gaseke/Uwarwambura. Community will share with you the story about the history of tea plantation in Rwanda. Community will share with you how they lived with their bosses and friend colonialists who were supervising the works. You will visit the new tea factory and have a tea processing experience followed by tea tasting and tour debriefing. You will also have a chance to get a tea bad as a souvenir. We will take you to the local communities where they live and have such a wonderful experience of how they grow crops; do livestock; make banana juice or beer; cook; share meal; visit local markets; enjoy nature and community walks  and you will also have an opportunity to attend countryside weddings, which are real typical traditional ones. Like any other places in Rwanda; you will also visit the memorial sites and communities around there and will share with you what they went through on their hills during the genocide in Rwanda. Communities around you will share wonderful stories of how they brought about peace and reconciliation and they now live in harmony. As you will be building good memories between you and them, you will get amazingly wonderful souvenirs from local shops, especially from IVOMO Community Heritage Hub.

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