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Western Province, Rwanda
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Gisakura Tea Estate and Farms tours

Gisakura Tea Estate and Farms tours

Gisakura area at 2 Km before arriving to Nyungwe National Park and forests on the road NR6 to Rusizi and border with DRC.  It approximately at 97 Km from Huye.

The tea was planted in those farms in colonial period as happened to Coffee. However, Gisakura Tea Factory  was set up in 1975. It employs around 2000 farmers, mainly women.

Gisakura Tea Farms are known for offering splendid views either while touring farms or from the air (helicopter).

What to do

  • Interact and experience the life of menand  women who ripe and collect tea leaves,
  • Take memorable photos of this greenest area in Rwanda
  • Tour the tea factory to learn the process of chopping, grinding, fermenting, drying and sorting (different qualities) and packaging.

The trip can be combined with visit to Nyungwe National Park, mainly doing hiking (trails), birding  and monkey tracking.

Along with Gisakura tea tour, we offer you Gaseke and Mwaga tea tour

Do not miss out the opportunity to tour around Kivu in Nyamasheke and Rusizi of the Kivu Belt: you will enjoy fishing with the community; night fishing with the fishermen; day time water sport; etc.

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